Register with HotelSite and manage your hotel entry free of charge. Extend your entry with detailed information, photos, videos, a link to your hotel site, Facebook, news from Twitter and a lot more. Simply follow the 3 easy steps to add your accommodation. Present your hotel free of charge on more than 28 HotelSite country portals around the world in 10 languages with one single entry! Plus get access to great online tools like our meeting planner.


28 country portals
Add information, photos and videos
Available in 10 languages
Social Media Integration
Free of charge


3 easy steps to add your accommodation:

1.Register for a HotelSite Account.
2. Check whether your hotel is already available at If your hotel is already listed please click on the top of the detail page on "Is this your hotel?" and follow the instructions.
3.Edit the hotel information!


Why do I need a personal HotelSite account?
You need a personal account to add hotels and other accommodation businesses to our website and manage existing entries.

My hotel is already listed. How can I change my entry?
1. Open the hotel detail page and click on the link "Is this your hotel?". The link takes you directly through the necessary steps.
2. On this page click on the link "Register now for free" and follow the instructions.

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