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Type in any city worldwide into hotel search , e.g. London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds or Edinburgh. Put in more than 3 characters in order to get suggestions.


How can I add my hotel?

Create a HotelSite account to submit your accommodation (hotel, bed and breakfasts, ...) to HotelSite. The HotelSite account offers access to great tools and the extension of your entry with detailed information, photos, videos, news, social media and much more. Register your accommodation business here.


How can I cancel a booking?

You have received a confirmation for your booking via e-mail. This e-mail contains numerous contact details to get in touch and cancel your booking. In case you are having problems with the cancellation of your hotel reservation please get in touch with us.


What's the value Ø x.x?

The number shows you the average review score for that specific hotel, e.g. Ø 8.5.
Best is Ø 10.0.


I can't find any answer to my question!

Please send us an e-mail.



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